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The Perfect Match: our Wine Pairing for Oysters

Updated: Mar 16

We love our wines but we also share a passion for surfing and therefore a deep love for the ocean. We always look forward to a new surfing adventure. Enjoying nature, rugged coastlines, the ocean and the good life by the sea with everything it has to offer; like cozy small fish restaurants that serve locally produced and freshly caught delicacies. After a good surfing session, we love nothing more than to indulge ourselves with a big plate of delicious fresh oysters with their invigorating taste of the ocean. And do you know what we prefer to drink with oysters? It is not what you might think.

A plate of fresh oysters with lemon and a glass of picpoul de pinet

The epitome of oyster eating

Our favorite oysters are from Brittany, France. Their incredible taste is due to Brittany's outstanding waters. The strong currents constantly mix the water, giving the oysters all the plankton they need to ensure healthy growth. Brittany harvests 12 types of oysters and the real oyster connoisseurs will tell you they all have their own distinctive delicious taste. Brittany’s most famous oyster is called the Belon. The Belon oyster is native to Brittany and has a hint of hazelnut, Some people even consider it to be the epitome of oyster eating.

Wine from the Vineyard of the sea?

When it comes to oysters, many restaurants will happily recommend a nice bubble. A champagne, Cava or Cremant is not only very festive but also forms a fine traditional pairing with shellfish and crustaceans. But, how classic this pairing may be it is not our most favorite drink with oysters. We have an option that, in our opinion, is a much nicer addition to the taste sensation of the oyster. Our option is also much cheaper than the average bubble; especially when comparing it to champagne.

- Some oysters can have distinct flavors which vary from region to region. In fact, depending on what kind of water it's grown in, an oyster could be described as sweet, earthy, spicy or even slightly floral.-

Our favorite wine pairing to oysters comes from the Languedoc and is made from a grape that has had its own AOC status since 2013. We are talking about the Picpoul de Pinet, a wine made from the picpoul blanc grape. This grape variety is grown in the middle of the triangle Agde, Pezenas and Sète, around the municipality of Pinet. This is the largest white wine region in the Languedoc and also the oldest. The vineyards on the hills and in the flat land are located around the village of Pinet, which is located just west of Mèze on Lake Thau.

The lake, with an area of ​​75 square kilometers, is located directly behind the Mediterranean coast. In this wine region, the sea and lake together provide extra cooling during the day and a significant drop in temperatures at night. The picpoul grape feels right at home in these circumstances. The cooler coastal climate allows the grape to ripen slowly and retain its refreshing acidity. The result is a wine with a transparent golden color and a beautiful full nose of flowers and passion fruit. In its taste you will find white fruit, hints of minerals, mild spiciness, lemon and lime. It has a long soft, fresh feeling to it and because of its relationship with the ocean an almost salty aftertaste. It is precisely this refined taste that ensures that the wine goes so well with shellfish and crustaceans such as oysters, mussels or shrimps.

-The area is also called the 'vineyard of the sea'. Not that the vineyards are located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, but they are located along l'Etang de Thau, the largest lake in France. Oysters are also farmed in this lake.-

The fact that the sea plays such an important role in the production of Picpoul wines can also be seen on the bottle, a so-called 'Bouteille Neptune' (bottle of Neptune, the god of the sea) where waves are shown on the neck of the wine bottle. We absolutely love little details like this. After tasting several Picpoul wines we found one that brought us directly back to our favorite stretch of coast. Picpoul de Pinet Cuvée Prestige from. Next time you are planning on having some oysters drop by the wine shop and buy yourself a nice Picpoul de Pinet to enjoy with your ocean delicacy.


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